Babies and Children Reflexology

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Working with small people is one of my favourite parts of my job!  I was a primary school teacher for 10 years so work very flexibly with babies and children.  Parents are always present for treatments.  Children may sit on mummy, wriggle on the floor, stay sleeping in the car seat … anything goes!  I take each baby or child as I find them at each appointment and work with how they are on that particular day.

When a baby or child is well, their energy is flowing and balanced.  If for any reason, their energy is struggling to flow properly, then this may show itself as ill health (e.g. colic, reflux, constipation, etc.) All bodies have the amazing capacity to heal and the innate knowledge of how to do this.  Reflexology works to stimulate the appropriate reflexes and encourages energy to flow, and restores balance to the baby or child.  Perhaps the easiest way to understand reflexology, is that it can kickstart the body’s own healing abilities.

A session with a child takes approximately 30 minutes and includes consultation time with parents/guardians to find out how the baby/child currently is.  If the baby is very small, the actual reflexology may take between 5-10 minutes as it is very important not to overload small systems.  The treatment time will also depend on the child.  I always follow their lead.

Babies under 1 year old – £10 for 30 minutes
Babies and children 1-16 years old – £18 for 30 minutes