Marian is a very helpful and caring lady who puts her all into her work as a therapist.  She became a friend to me over the time I was treated by her, offering help, support and someone to talk to.  I found the treatment itself to be very relaxing and therapeutic.  The thing I enjoyed the most was having some time to myself with some good conversations to unwind.  I would always leave the treatment feeling relaxed and refreshed – it would be the best nights sleep I had in ages.  Thanks Marian and I’ll be back to see you in the future!!

Relaxing, caring treatments, that helped to heal my body and mind. Amazed at the powerful effect this special type of reflexology gave. Marian put me at ease and genuinely wanted to help, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering reflexology.

I found the whole experience extremely relaxing and caring. I would find myself looking forward to the evening when my reflexology would take place. I think that Marian is both very knowledgeable and professional and I would not hesitate in recommending other people with health or emotional issues to visit her for reflexology.

It made me happy and brave. I liked it!
William, age 5.

I felt a profound sense of well-being for many days following my treatments with Marian. I enjoyed strong surges of happiness and love where before I felt low and exhausted. I believe reflexology very powerful and think Marian is a gifted practitioner who I would recommend to anyone.

Marian’s attention to detail enabled her to join up all the information I was telling her each week and derive a very credible theory as to why I was getting regular headaches and thus enable me to do something about it.

Marian’s gentle touch reflexology was my first encounter with the art and practice of reflexology. I had little knowledge of the subject and had no preconceived notions of what it could do for me. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and after a lifetime of sporting injuries widespread pain and physical complications. Quite simply my experience of both her professional conduct, ethics and the results I personally experienced from her treatment are nothing short of profound to say the least. Her treatments have been the difference between me being in agony and having very limited movement to having almost no pain at all and substantial increases in mobility. I have increased quality of sleep after treatments and as such my repair time I am being given for my body due to that rest and relaxation increases my quality of life. My mother, before she passed away was a band 7 clinical specialist nurse in lymphedema and ran her own clinic for the NHS. She was also an assessor for those learning the lymphatic drainage techniques for the NHS. She believed in Marians ability and treatments also as it helped her personally with her own troubles as the normal route of medications were not proving successful . Everyone is different and each of us will have our own experience due to us all being individual. However I urge everyone to at least try reflexology as it has made a tremendous difference to my health, happiness and well being for which I can never thank Marian enough.

After suffering many years of ill health with two short spells in hospital and chronic fatigue, in desperation I contacted Marian. At 83 years old I thought any improvement was impossible. However we have persevered and some months later I can report a big change. I have more energy and a greater feeling of well being. I have bought a car and a new apple I pad and am enjoying life again.

All names have been changed to ensure confidentiality.

3 comments on “Testimonials

  1. Carolyn

    Marian has really helped me over the past couple of years. She is both professional and understanding. I initially went for a facial reflexology treatment which I did enjoy but decided to swap to the conventional foot reflex and I have been having weekly treatments ever since!
    My anxiety, thanks to Marian & medication has greatly improved. I’m now off the tablets and I could probably cut back on my weekly treatment but I enjoy my hour of relaxation and chat so much that I will continue! I don’t hesitate in recommending Marian.

  2. Chris Connelly

    I decided to try Mickleover Reflexology early last year and went for my first appointment in June 2020. From the outset, Marian was very clearn and honest about what reflexology is, what it can and can’t do/help with and how the treatment works. Since the first appointment I’ve been going roughly every fortnight so plenty of time to see if it worked for me.
    During each session she explains her planned treatment routine, if there are any changes and how it should help.
    I have found Marian to be a very knowlegeable, professional, kind and friendly person and from her treatments I have seen continued progressive improvements to my health.
    I now have regular fortnightly appointments booked and consider Marians treatments to form part of my future routines.

  3. Liz Trimmings

    Had my first visit with Marian this month, January. Lovely caring lady. Since the visit had no pain near my hip. Looking forward to my next treatment. Would recommend Marian to anyone.

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